Our Commitment to ESG

At Centerspace, we are committed to Better Every Days by providing a great home for our residents, team members, and investors. Our way forward to make each day brighter is understanding our impact as a company and how we can enhance the lives of those we touch. Our business is to build healthy, equitable, sustainable, and vibrant communities through actions that serve our residents and teams.

We look to the future and embrace change, knowing that the opportunities that arise as we grow together will help set the stage for long-term success in improving our social and environmental impacts and the policies that guide our business. Our commitment starts with the wellbeing of our residents, team members, and communities that we serve. We also strive to monitor our use of natural resources to enhance corporate stewardship, as we know continuous improvement is only possible when we back up our actions with robust and consistent measurements of progress. Finally, we aim to continue our long tradition of strong governance in our efforts to do the right thing, make positive contributions and serve others with integrity.


Better Every Days

Our commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility drives our daily decisions. From an emphasis on team member education, safety, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, to our social contributionscorporate governance and green initiatives, we strive to improve our company, our communities, and our world.

2021 ESG Report Highlights

Environmental Management System (EMS) 

Implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) that aligns with ISO 14001 


Governance score from Institution Stakeholder Services

4.3 Years

Of average team member tenure (0.7 increase from 2020)

Key Documents & Disclosures

ESG CHARTER: This Charter outlines the responsibilities of the ESG Committee with respect to our efforts related to environmental, health and safety, corporate social responsibility, corporate governance and sustainability.
ESG CORPORATE POLICY: This document outlines Centerspace’s guidelines and objectives with regard to ESG including ownership and committee structure, responsible investment guidelines, and reporting standards.
HUMAN RIGHTS STATEMENT: We are committed to doing business with the highest degree of integrity, ethics, and accountability and to upholding the human rights of our team members, residents, partners, and the greater communities we serve.
CORPORATE GOVERNANCE: Sound corporate governance is critical to retaining the trust of investors, and to our commitment to continue to operate with the highest standards of integrity.
CONTRACTOR CODE OF CONDUCT: Our contractor code of conduct extends our commitment to others who perform work on our behalf.
PROCUREMENT POLICY: Encouraging the reduction of goods consumption within our communities and sourcing ethical goods.
VENDOR MASTER SERVICES AGREEMENT: Document outlines compliance, safety, code of conduct, and other key considerations.
TEAM MEMBER DISCLOSURE: Team member allocation by gender and region as of 12/31/2021.