Social Info

We work as one family and one team to provide the best homes for our residents and the development of vibrant communities.

Here are a few of our Social Initiatives:

Work environment

We strive to create a work environment that encourages innovative thinking, collaboration and work-life balance. We recognize and reward top talent with regular recognition, professional development and training opportunities, and clear career paths. We constantly monitor the engagement and satisfaction of our team members in order to foster a culture of teamwork, growth & development and work-life balance.

Customer Service

We care about you and making sure you have a good quality home to live in. Our commitment to customer care is what sets us apart. Engaged management, 24-Hour maintenance and timely communication are what you can expect from Centerspace. We strive to deal with your concerns faster than anywhere else. Our job is to listen to your feedback and create a better home and community every day. We’re proud that many of our properties have been awarded the National J. Turner Awards for high customer satisfaction.

Centerspace Cares

We have always had a focus on service when it comes to the communities in which we operate. Each year, Centerspace Cares donates both money and time to several organizations. In the past four years, we have donated more than $120,000 and 2,300 hours of volunteer time. This year, we looked deeper into how we can support our communities and increased our corporate giving budget by 25%. We give all of our employees 1 day per quarter to do volunteer work for the organization of their choice. We are committed to making our communities great places to live for our residents and our team members. Our corporate giving policies help us further this mission.