COVID 19 Faq

Updated June 23rd 2020

Will I need to pay late fees now?

All Centerspace leases will resume the standard late charge procedures, with exception to our communities that fall within the required criteria of the CARES Act.

I usually pay by ACH, but may need to use my credit card to make payment. How do the fees work?

Rent Track provides you all the information you may need regarding fees associated with different payment methods. If you normally have an automatic withdraw and intend to utilize a different payment method, you’ll need to make that adjustment in Rent Track.

What if I can only make a partial payment?

Centerspace has a process to assist our residents who may need to enter a payment arrangement due to experiencing a COVID related financial hardship. Please contact your Management team to inform them of your situation and they will guide you on the next steps.

What if I am moving in, and I cannot get utility services into my name due to COVID-19 closure at the utility company's offices?

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted a wide variety of business operations. We assure you that you will have active utilities within your apartment home upon move in. The utility usage will be billed to Centerspace, and will be billed back to you via a resident bill-back process. We will waive the standard convenience fee for this to accommodate new residents whom are unable to transfer utilities into their name upon or prior to move in. The expectation would be that residents reach out to the utility provider once they're actively re-opened for business to get the services transferred, and prevent further bill-back fees.

Will my rent be reduced due to loss of amenities?

Our amenities are a feature of this community that are offered to our residents free of charge and are not included in rental payments. Accordingly, we will not be adjusting rents during this period of closure.

We understand your concerns that we have limited your access to amenity spaces and that you may be inconvenienced. We did not take this step lightly, and did so to aid in slowing the spread of COVID-19 during this pandemic, and often as required by heath officials’ regulations. We are hopeful that these steps which we and other apartment communities are taking will have a positive effect on reducing the spread of COVID-19, and that our amenity spaces will be available to you again soon. We appreciate your understanding as our community comes together to work through this challenging time.

What if I am expecting a package to be delivered?

Our office team will not be accepting resident packages for in-person pick up. We have instructed our delivery drivers to deliver resident packages directly to resident doors. We encourage you to specify this on shipping instructions, or to contact your delivery service and arrange for your package to be held for pick up directly from the carrier. **This will not affect the use of package locker systems on-site or an independent package pick up service.

What if I have a Maintenance Request?

We have, and continue to adjust our day-to-day operations. Currently all of our Service teams are operating on an emergency response only for incoming service requests. A maintenance emergency is constituted as: Fire, flooding, biohazard, no heat, non-operational refrigerator/freezer, non-operational oven/stove, or a non-operational toilet – If you have only one bathroom available in your apartment home. If you have a service request that is defined as emergent or crucial as defined in the above list, please contact your Leasing Office immediately and follow the prompts to dispatch a Service Technician.

If you have a service request that is NOT an emergent or crucial item, please submit your request via phone, email, or via so we’re able to log your request and prioritize it accordingly for future completion. We appreciate your patience and understanding on service completion delays.

During this period, when our Service Technicians enter your home to complete emergent or crucial repairs, we ask that any residents present within the home confine themselves to a separate room in support of the CDC’s recommendation on social distancing.

What qualifies as “emergency repairs” or a “maintenance emergency”?

Generally, emergency maintenance relates to fire, flooding, biohazard, lack of heat, non-operational refrigerator/freezer, oven/stove or plumbing. If you have a service request that is an emergency or crucial item in one of the above-mentioned categories, please contact your community via phone, email or via electronic submission at

All other service requests will be recorded and prioritized for future completion. We appreciate your understanding and are committed to taking care of our residents and buildings while balancing protection of our teams and following guidelines intended to assist in curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Are you making exceptions to rent payment for hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We request you promptly let your community office know if the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your ability to meet the financial obligations of your lease. We are committed to the long-term financial viability of our communities and understand that you may experience financial disruption during these times. We will continue to assess and will communicate any changes to our policies related to fees and collection matters.

Do I need to notify my Community Team if I’ve decided to self-quarantine? What if I’ve tested positive for COVID-19?

We do request that you notify us of any self-quarantine or positive COVID-19 diagnosis by self-reporting through the survey found at: We will treat all reports confidentially except as required by federal, state, or local law.

Will vendors still be coming to my property?

In support of the CDC’s recommendations on social distancing, we have implemented measures to reduce the number of on-site vendors present within our communities. Centerspace vendors will not be entering occupied apartment homes for non-emergent service repairs.

At this time, there will be no interruption to standard outsourced services such as trash removal, grounds maintenance, or other standard routine services provided.

What steps is my community team taking to ensure my common areas are being disinfected?

Our teams recognize the importance of maintaining an increased level of attention on high traffic areas throughout our communities. Our teams are, and will continue to focus increased attention on sanitizing door handles, points of entry, laundry rooms, and other routinely trafficked areas throughout the community.

What do I do if I cannot pay rent on-time, due to job loss, lay-off, or another Covid-19 related incident?

The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted many people in a large way in terms of financial stability. We ask that you reach out to our office team as soon as you are able to discuss any questions you may have regarding inability to pay rent, or anticipated late rent payments. We will work with our residents on a case-by-case basis.

What do I do if I am having trouble with my on-line account?

Please reach out to your community team – Our teams are prepared and are happy to assist with any difficulties in our on-line portal system.

What if I need to delay my move out date?

We certainly understand, and anticipate some changes to moving and relocation plans. Please reach out to your community team – We are happy to assist you in extending your time with us, and will accommodate to the best of our abilities.

Is the pool or other amenities going to open this year?

We have full intention of restoring our amenity services. Our teams are in the process of working through the inspection and reopening process with state and local jurisdictions. Our teams will keep you posted on a property specific basis.

What if I am under quarantine (self or other), and I am not able to retrieve my package from the package locker?

Our team would be happy to assist you in getting your package out of the system and to your door – Please ensure you contact us with this request, and we will do our best to get your package to your door. We do however ask that you specify changes in delivery instructions on future shipments.

Are you going to inform neighboring residents if there are any confirmed cases on my property?

Centerspace is complying with Federal and State laws as well as the CDC’s guidelines regarding Covid-19 confirmed cases, and will continue to do so. Any questions related to these guidelines and procedures can be found at:

If I am moving out, will you walk through the apartment with me?

Because our teams have implemented social distancing measures, we will not be completing move out walk through appointments with residents. We will however, commit to keeping communication strong electronically. We will ask that you complete your move and cleaning and provide you instructions for return of keys, fobs and garage openers and notify us the process is complete. We will independently conduct the final inspection and contact you with results.

If I come to the Leasing Office, am I able to interact with the team members on-site?

We have enacted and are encouraging social distancing practices for our team, and within our communities in order to do our part to stop movement of the virus in our broader communities. This means limiting our interaction with the general public, adhering to capacity restrictions within our offices, and changes in our visitor policy. We ask that residents refrain from physically visiting our Leasing Offices when possible, however we are certainly available via pre-scheduled appointment for face to face visits. We assure you that this is a temporary measure, and that our team is fully connected remotely to assist you with any need you may have. Please reach out to your Leasing Office team members via phone, email, or through We have, and will continue to adjust our day-to-day operations.